Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Person VS Third Person

Writers have their own preferences how to write their stories whether it's on first person or in third person.

First Person is where you use "I". A lot of new writers usually use this method for it's easy for them to pretend that they are the the character they are writing. Based on my experience, yes, it's easy to used this kind of writing style.

The advantage of using this method is you can concentrate only in one character at a time. You can go deeply into details of what the characters feels, sees, or thinking. Remember that writing in this manner, you cannot show the other characters thoughts so if you cannot make a strong points or scenes then you're story would be boring which result to its disadvantage. Sometimes you need to show the thoughts of other characters of the story but since you're using the first person method, you cannot do so.

Third Person writing is using "he/she". This method is kind of complicated for you'll shift from one character to another that can become an advantage or disadvantage to you depending on how you shift between the characters. Just be careful using this method for it may also confuse your readers from the shifting like one moment character A is talking then on the next paragraph the scene was change to character B without giving a hint of character change.

Another method is the Second Person where "you" was used. I haven't use this style but I've seen this mostly on short stories throughout the web.

Overall, I'm confident writing whether in first person and third person but I prefer writing in third person for I can just shift between the characters without much hassle though I can do that in first person but it's kind of complicated.

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