Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Daughter's Love

This is some story I created when I was having a programmer's block. I don't know if it's good or something but this is just a draft of some story in my mind.


There's a mother who loves her husband dearly. When her husband died she lost all her will to live. She lost her job, she leave her two children to starve, she got drunk every day.

One day, she noticed that her daughter always come home late like almost midnight. One night, she waited for her daughter to arrive. At quarter to midnight her daughter arrived. Immediately she slapped her hard. The daughter was taken aback. She started yelling at her daughter and accusing things but her daughter remain silent while crying quietly. Once she had enough, she go to her room and immediately sleep came for she was already drunk.

The next day, her daughter came home again at the same time. And again she slapped her and nag at her but still her daughter remain quiet throughout her outburst.

This went on every night, with an occasional another physical blow from her. One day, someone inform her that her daughter got an accident and was now in the hospital. When she reach the hospital, the doctor inform her that her daughter is already dead.

She cried hard all day. She can't believe that another member of her family was dead when she haven't move on yet on her husband's death. She reminisce the times when she hit and accused her. She knows it was wrong but she needed some outlet of her grief.

Hours after her son arrived at the hospital. She hug him tightly for he is the only family she had. Her eight year old son asked, "where is my big sister?". She can't find the words how to explain the situation to him so she simply answered him, "she already followed his dad."

On the day of her daughter's burial, a man approached her. "you must be pretty sad to lost such a good friend like her" the man told her. She was confused with what the man said so she looked at him and recognize that he was the priest in the church they used to attend before her husband died. Before she could ask what he's talking about he handed him a booklet, "She told me to give that to you". She look at the booklet and found out that it was a bank passbook. She open it and was surprise to see the big amount. "did you know that she go to school during day time and works different jobs at night? I think she have three different jobs. She is a very kind child, working for her family to go on with their life. She told me about her mother and I pity her for not seeing a child of God." he pause for a moment and looked at her. "You must be very proud as her best friend". And with that, he left.

She cried once again. She felt so guilty with all the bad things she did to her daughter. Her son approach her and gave her a bottle of beer. Confused, she asked her son "why are you giving me this?" Her son replied "Because my big sis told me that old people like the taste of beer so they forgot the pain just like when I got a wound on my knee she gave a chocolate then i forgot about how my knee hurt."

She hug her son tightly as if he is the source of her life. She decided to live for her daughter and for her husband.

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