Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why I Won't Go For The Best?

I was having a break from studying python when I came across this article from Yahoo! News. This article is entitled How To Build a Brilliant Team.

Upon reading the article, I remember my style in choosing my own team back in college. In college, I tend to choose the "average" people than the "best". Why? Simply because people who knows that they are the "best" are arrogant, so full of him/herself, and think that he/she is the right one. But I'm not referring that all of them are like that, it's just sometimes their high level skills goes into their heads.

Now, let me tell you about the "average" ones. When I say "average", I mean they're programming skills are not that good unlike the "best" ones. You see, the university I attended focus more on programming so those who lack programming skills are categorize as the weaker ones. Lucky me that programming is my strength although I don't consider myself as part of the "best" group still I could sometimes compete with them.

"So if the "average" people are not so good then why choose them as part of your team? Surely they're just hold you back."

Good question! I choose them because they're humble and even though programming is not their strength they are "best" in other fields which they don't happened to notice unless given a chance. I have a friend and she's good talking in front of people which happened to be weakness. I got this butterflies in my stomach when every time I in front of other people. I'm like "what if I said the wrong word? What if I'm too boring? Would they listen to me?". So I am always like that unlike her. She talk with confidence, with grace although she admitted to me that she also got nervous but she's just good in hiding it. Impressive! And yes, it's not really obvious. Another "best" thing about her is she's good in designing and writing. She's an artistic kind of person so whenever the work is about designing stuff then I would surely grab her, and she's also good in writing things. I like writing but I'm more of like direct person so when I could answer the question with one sentence, then I would only write one sentence but with her, she could write a paragraph. Another brilliant thing with her is she have a good attitude. She have this aura that makes you feel relax and welcome like you can tell her anything you want and she'll just simply listen and give here opinion (in a nice way) every now and then. A good friend and a good team mate indeed!

For the second question, the answer is no. No, they won't hold me back and never will. Actually, they help me achieve my goals. As I said, they have their own "best" skills so my programming skills, their talking skills, their designing skills, their management skills, and whatever skills will make my team achieve whatever we want. Imagine if all of us have the same skills, let's say programming. Most likely argument would happen because everyone thinks that their way is the best. Of course, in other cases this situation won't happened but the possibility is there.

So next time maybe you need to take a look at the "other" skills of a person for you not to overlook an awesome and talented person.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Detect Browser Info

When it comes to detecting browser info in PHP, we stick to the basic by using get_browser() but it doesn't properly display the browser types/names. If you're using Joomla, you'll most likely use the Joomla browser detection library.

[Joomla] Include Helper Class

Helpers, in my own understanding, are some of the Joomla files that are usually use when they can't be classified either as a mode, view, or controller. So when we intend to use them, we need to include them. There are many way on how to include helpers like using include, include_once, require, or require_once but because we are using Joomla it would be cool to use the Joomla way. And just like in including the helper file in PHP, there are also many ways to do it but I will only show one of the many ways because this is what I usually use.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get favicon from any site using Google

To get the favicon from a website, follow this code/url format:


Note to not include the http:// or https://

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

localhost only shows white page?

Have you encountered where you localhost was only displaying a white space? No matter how many times you restart your local server (may it be wamp or xampp) still nothing happened?

In my part the problem was the port got conflict with skype. So I logged out the skype, restart my wamp, and logged in my skype again. I check again the localhost in my browser and it now works!

If you're 100% sure that you haven't done anything with your server configurations then it is possible that it is just a port conflict. Don't panic like what I did. hahaha...


Friday, March 2, 2012

[JavaScript] Display Symbols in Alert

Alerts are what we usually use to prompt users about something. And sometimes we need to prompt something like an email address. We all know that email address have the @ symbol. Most likely will just add the @ symbol but once checking your work, the alert box is empty or maybe some codes will show on the page.

The problem here is symbols won't show in alert boxes. The solution? you need to type its unicode value instead of the symbol itself.

So for @ symbol, its unicode value is \u0040.

For example, instead of...
alert('contact us at');

The code must be like this...
alert('contact us at customer\');

Note that not only symbols have unicode values, other characters also have such as letters.

To convert characters to unicode, click here.
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