Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[Joomla] Error: View cannot be found

You created a component, everything was perfect. It runs in your local drive the way you expect it to be, but once you installed it on live server, it says "View Cannot Be Found"

What's wrong, it's running just in fine in my local? Did I misspelled a file or a folder? Did I forgot to assign the view? The model?

If your answers to those questions are NO and you know it yourself that nothing's wrong, then maybe you got the problem in how you capitalized the letters in your file names or folders names.

In Windows, "myComponent" is equal with "mycomponent" while in Linux, "myComponent" is "myComponent" not "mycomponent".

Got it?

So it's better to not use PascalCasing or camelCasing in your file names and folder names just to be safe.

It's just one small mistake but believe me, I've been figuring out the error for hours without knowing that I just need to convert to small letters my component's folder names.

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