Saturday, November 13, 2010

"A/An" or "The"

Words like "a/an" and "the" have always been part of our everyday life. We had been using them since the very day we learn how to talk. But the question is, what really the difference between the two.

I've been asking around what is the difference between them but all I got from them are mere example or they would just shrugged off but the worst or funniest reaction I got is they would just stare at me like I suddenly got two heads (hahaha...). In the end, I figured it out myself by analyzing how was it use in a sentence.

My analysis is that "A/An" is use when you're generalizing while "The" is use when you're referring to something specific.

The first example is referring to specific book.
Let's read the book.

The second example is referring to any kind of book.
Let's read a book.

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