Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Riverside

This short story is what my friends and I created for a groupwork in school (though I did some revisions before I upload it here). I thank my groupmates, Karen Lim, Nashra Bato-on, Charmaine Geronimo, and Donnavie Gene Geronimo, for making this story great.

The day had just begun. The waves were rushing through the shore. As I passed by, I saw two young boys that caught my attention. They look so peaceful playing with the water, they look so happy together, who would have thought that maybe one day those two would go their separate ways.

This scene looks familiar, my friend and I was once like this. We used to play under the heat of the sun. But, unfortunately, the day came wherein he left me. I stopped with that thought; I would want to keep that picture of those two boys playing together in my mind to ease the sadness I’m feeling. I continue to walk passed them and left the two boys in their games.

A few years passed, as I strolled by the sea, which had become my favorite past time lately, I saw one of those little boys back then. He was picking dried leaves with an older woman, whom I supposed was his mother. I was curious where his friend was so I went over to him when his mother left. I talked to him and asked where his friend was and I was shocked to found out that his friend left for the city. My emotions started to rush as I remembered my sad past. It was also something like this, my friend left for the city to study in a good school, and by the time when I grew up and also got the chance to go there, I followed him but I didn’t find him.

I stared at the boy's face and realize that he was looking straight at me, maybe wondering why I fell quiet all of a sudden and tears are forming in my eyes. I wipe those tears away and smiled, I asked him if I could help him in what he was doing and he nodded eagerly. As we picked those leaves, I told him the story about my friend who left and it was ironically the same with him and his friend. He smiled and told me that even though he really missed his friend he knows that it would be best for him, it’s a chance only a few of them can have. But as he said this to me, I can see the loneliness in his eyes. I smiled and told him we can be friends, that I can be a substitute for his friend while he is away. He slowly nodded and we became friends.

After a few months while we were playing by the shore, I saw a very familiar figure watching us and realization hit me who it was. It was my long lost friend; he waved at me when he realized that I was looking at him so I waved back. He approached us, and when he got near to us, I introduced him to the boy. He hugged and told me that he was looking for me. He went back to our old village and found out that I wasn't there anymore so he searched to where I could possibly was and found this place. I was so happy seeing him again and didn’t realize the envious eyes of the boy. He disappeared without me knowing it; my attention was on my friend who had just returned. We had a nice time, me and my long lost friend. We didn’t even notice the time passed by so fast. Then, suddenly I remembered my new friend, wondering where he might be. I looked around but have not seen him.

The next day, I went back to the river side with my friend. The boy was still not around. Days passed; still, I haven’t seen him. Until one Sunday morning, while I was passing by the shore and my mind wandered. I noticed a lone figure that looks very familiar. The one I’ve known for some time. He watched me as I approached him. Then, he smiled at me. I ask him where he had been for a couple of days he was gone. It was then that I have come to know that he felt envy while seeing me and my best friend. He also told me that he miss his friend so much. And that he also want to go to the city to look for his friend but can’t due to financial problems and lack of courage and confident to emerge to a new and very different kind of place. We stayed silent for a moment before I take a deep breath, I told him that just like you, your friend also misses you and the time will come that you and your friend will find their ways to see each other again. Upon hearing what I just said, he looked at me smiling; full of hope, and looking forward for the time to come where he can see his friend once again.

My friend told me that he knows a place where in I can work in the city so he asked me to come with him. When I found out about this, I was really happy but I’m also sad because I know the boy would be sad again, he would be left again by another friend. I decided to tell him this news, the moment I told him about this, he encouraged me to take in that challenge and not to worry about him because he knew he would be alright and he was proud to have good friends. He only asked one thing and that is for me not to forget him and come visit him after some time. The next day when I finally decided to leave the place, we were both have teary eyes as we said our goodbyes, my friend who was watching us also felt the sadness we felt. It was another goodbye but then again we’re both happy to whatever future unfolds before us. We both told ourselves to never lose hope. As my friend and I approached the car, I spare another glance at the boy, he waved at me and I respond by waving back. Before change my mind I got in the car and left the place.

And now, I’m back to this place looking for the little boy whom I knew a few years ago, hoping that he already met his friend. I went to the riverside, where we always play and found a young man picking up dried leaves; I went near him and he looked back. He smiled the moment he saw me, and right then I realized that the young man before me was my very friend. I asked about his friend and he told me that his friend came back a year before and asked him to go with him but told him that he can’t because he is still waiting for his other friend. I was touched with what he said, I was so happy yet sad at the same time because I came a year later, he could have already gone with his friend. He smiled at me and he told me that his friend decided he will come back every year to see if I’ve already came back. I’m so glad to hear this, talking again just like the old times.

The next day I, once again, said my goodbyes for I'm going back to the city. I got into the car and waved at him as another yet not a final goodbye. As I was traveling to the city, I realized that friendship is the most beautiful thing on earth. If two hearts are meant to be friends, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, how far they go, how tough it seems. Fate will bring them together to share friendship forever.

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