Saturday, December 4, 2010

How Does Torrents Work?

NOTE: if you're not familiar with downloading files in the internet then I recommend you to learn it first.

How to download files using torrent?

First: download a bitTorrent application, in which I use uTorrent. Download here.

Second: find a site where you can download torrent files. I prefer using the

Third: look for the right torrent. Let’s say, you want to download a movie. In a movie, you want to download the movie with best audio and video quality. There are two things to find that out, through ratings and comments.

You can find the rating of the said movie in the right-side of the name of the torrent. In the image above, the rating is +335 which is good because only state that it is a good torrent.

You can find the comments only next to the rating of the torrent. In the image above, there are 124 comments for the said torrent. To view this comments, just click the number where in the image is 124.

Fourth: Let’s now download the torrent

To download the torrent file, click the title of the torrent where in this image is


Find the click the image above in order to download the torrent.

Fifth: once you finish downloading the torrent file, double-click it then the window below will appear

If you not really familiar with the other settings, you may just click “OK”

NOTE: one of the advantages in using a torrent is you can shut down your computer and continue downloading the file next time around

Sixth: for you to know if the download is complete, check if the “Done” tab is 100% or click the “Completed” section on the left side then you will see all the completed downloads

Seventh: to open the file, right-click the torrent then a menu will appear

Select the “Open Containing Folder” to open the folder where the file was saved

There you have it! Enjoy! =D

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