Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Resume Making!

Every time i read an article or watch on tv about resumes, managers always give tips on how to make your resume standout like "make your resume unique" or "make it attractive." But what does it take to make your resume standout or how to create a resume that is unique and attractive?

First, what is the importance of resume? Why is it necessary to pass your resume to a company? Basically, because to get an INTERVIEW or you want a CALL BACK. If you got the attention of the HR or Human Resource manager through your resume, then they'll call you for an interview which is the first step for getting employed.

Next, how do you get an interview? There are certain things you need to do or have with your resume like understand/know the position you're applying for, understand/know the company, understand the reader, include the standard information, come up with results, and quantify your results.

1. Understand/know the position you're applying for.

Do a little research about the position you're applying for like what does it do or how does it operate.

TIP: adjust your resume to reflect the position, and use the job description as a guide.

2. Understand/know the company.

Think of yourself as already part of the company. And when we say "part of the company," then you must already know what the company is all about, how does it operates, or what are its protocols. Also search about why are they hiring this or that kind of job, may it be to increase profits, decrease costs, and/or improve customer experience.

3. Understand the reader.

An HR recruiter can go through a hundreds or thousands of resume a month, so you only have a couple of seconds to make an impression. If your resume is like done by a kid then most likely it will be sitting inside the trash can.

TIP 1: maintain a ONE PAGE and easy to read resume (though having two page is acceptable as long all the important details are on the first page). Having a nice design may got the attention of the recruiter. You can add some beautiful borders or whatever but what's written there is what's really important.

TIP 2: job experiences or any list that has a date should be in descending order (most recent job first)

TIP 3: use action words like developed, attended, created, etc.

4. Include the standard information.

standard information like name, contact information, your objective, summary of qualifications, experiences, education (primary, secondary, college, trainings, seminars), affiliations (clubs and/or organizations), and (dialect) languages you speak.

5. Come up with results.

For example, as an IT student I develop and/or create softwares, say, Inventory System. Now, I'll ask myself, "Did I help increase the Sales with the software I created?" or "Did I help save money?"

You can discuss about those things in your resume but only in short description like put them in three bullets max. Recruiters don't want to read lots of paragraphs about the software help the company.

6. Quantify your results.

Using the questions in number 5, you can also quantify it something like "I help increase the sales of a ****** company by 20%" or "I help the ****** company processes by 50%". Though this one is optional unless you really know the results. Most of the time employees just do there job and don't bother knowing the "results".

TIP: don't just quantify the results just because you feel like it become faster by 20% or the like. you must provide or have a legal basis of this numbers.


Now that you know what to create your resume, here are some other tips.

  • Get a second opinion and have others review or evaluate your resume
  • Typos, grammar and punctuation errors is a big NO-NO. In case of using abbreviations, please provide it's meaning
  • Don't let the reader assume anything like how to contact you because you forgot to add your contact information
  • Having examination certificates may be good but it's your skills and experiences that matters
  • Character references may or may not be important. It depends on the company or recruiter. If it happened you have few, make sure you told them and you better have good relationship with them. You don't them want talking bad things about you.



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